The Weight Of Glory Series

Imagine what it’s like to be left alone to do anything you want. To not worry about whether its art or engineering. Or if it will work and serve a purpose. And what if you were left alone to just be, and see what came of it? What if you were given the chance, or took it, to stop and listen very closely and then make something about what you heard? What if you found there were deeper pulsings of sound and rhythm and seeing than what most people are aware of? And then because you
made a way for these to enter your life you discovered a love beyond love that spoke to you and caused you to make things that reminded you of why you had been created? I did that. I took that chance. Then I made a wager with my imagination and this is what I won. And to think that all along, He was just waiting to give me exceedingly, abundantly more than I could have asked or imagined.

Sizes vary. Free standing, fully mechanized. Price range: $15,000.00 up

Prayer Machine 370. It Talks And It Talks And It Talks And All I Have To Do Is Listen. Wire Sculpture by James Paterson, Ontario, Canada
370. It Talks And It Talks And It Talks And All I Have To Do Is Listen 98 x 72 x 24 inches