The Carnival Of Prayer Series

I was a child once. I imagined and day-dreamed. Not as an escape but as a means of inquiry. I asked why, because I cared to know. I pray because I want to know. I want to know You and how I can delight You. I want to live with the innocence of trust, free from the weight of inherited sorrow. I don’t want to just get by walking that tightrope thin line of life, I want to dance on it. Though much has been lost, I seek to become that child filled with wonder once again. To live again in the innocence of that carnival of light and movement and joyful rhythms.

Up to 46 inches in height with many moving elements. Price range: $3200.00 and up.


Watch the Video of Prayer Machine #435: “Saturday Morning”

Wire Sculpture by James Paterson, Ontario, Canada
435. Saturday Morning – A Prayer Machine