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by Andrea Jackman, Curator

The Prayer Machines of James Paterson

Just under a year ago, I attended the 2019 Artist Project with my youngest Louise in tow. Here, we came across this magical booth of art. It was unlike any other booth. It had playful sculptures made out wire and full of colour. The artist James Paterson was a warm welcome and encouraged me to play with his sculpture. Turning different cranks, giving them a little push to create wobble and simply move around each creation for different perspectives. (A good sculpture in my books has…

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Photographize Magazine

A new article on the Prayer Machines in an online magazine.

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Kolbe Times

is an online magazine that features articles on Faith, Arts & Justice bringing thoughtful, engaging “good news” into the media mix out there.

Laura Locke caught up with me and the following conversation was featured in the “Curiosity” issue in April 2018.

A Conversation with James Paterson

Artist James Paterson and his wife Lynn live in Meaford, Ontario, on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, tucked into Lake Huron. James creates art that is both beautiful and stimulating­, celebrating mystery while igniting our imagination.

We recently had a delightful, rambling conversation with James about his life, his art, and what makes him curious.

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Who would have thought…

That the Prayer Machines would get a mention in Fred Cohen’s article on Artexpo New York 2018 in “Woman Around Town” online magazine?

James Paterson

I was next attracted to the work of James Paterson – for its color and whimsy, and outright charm, although arising from a more serious wellspring: these began as tangible prayers when words failed. His work is built from wire, loops of which may be filled with a painted resin making tiny “stained glass” windows. Figures in the works remind me of some Calder circus bits. Paterson received an art degree from the University of Waterloo and practiced in various media over the years, focusing primarily on painting. At one time he taught art but abandoned that almost 3 decades ago to concentrate on his production work. He is represented by galleries in Pennsylvania, California, and Canada, but is apparently barely keeping up with demand.

James Paterson Work

The larger works are said to be autobiographical reflecting the Kensington Market community of Toronto where Paterson was raised, his father, his youth.  He now lives rather farther north and away from the bustle of the big city. Two of his offspring (both likely in their 20’s) were first to talk to me, and both take obvious pride in dad and his work. Mom, the business manager, was also in attendance.

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From the Spectrum Miami 2016 Catalog…


Here’s the latest on Prayer Machines “in the news” coming from Providence, RI and the ArtProv Gallery…


“Eclectic Show At ArtProv Gallery”

by Beth Comery

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Prayer Machine by James Paterson
“The Dream Will Not Be Shrunk To Fit The Mold – A Mind Wandering Machine” by James Paterson




Inner Space TV show segment filmed at Petroff Gallery, Toronto


2016-07-14 13.08.58

Just in case you missed seeing it on TV…

Here is the link to the Prayer Machine story on the Space Channel as featured on “InnerSpace”.

If you have Dropbox, click here to view the episode.

James shows InnerSpace host, Teddy Wilson, how to make his own Prayer Machine and shares how they all got started.

Comments made about the Prayer Machines…


“I am flushed with Delight!”

“Love your work”                                          “Unbelievably clever”

“Next year for sure!”

“Inspiring, mind-bending, revolutionary!”

“There’s so much WOW factor here”

“Beautiful.  I feel closer to God just reading your artist’s statement.”

                                                                                  “Looks like an old clock recreated through art.”


“They are like worship without words.”  Ivan