Take a look at the latest masterpiece, #251. Nearly there.

From the Spectrum Miami 2016 Catalog…


Here’s the latest on Prayer Machines “in the news” coming from Providence, RI and the ArtProv Gallery…


“Eclectic Show At ArtProv Gallery”

by Beth Comery

Read the entire article…

Prayer Machine by James Paterson
“The Dream Will Not Be Shrunk To Fit The Mold – A Mind Wandering Machine” by James Paterson




Inner Space TV show segment filmed at Petroff Gallery, Toronto


2016-07-14 13.08.58

Just in case you missed seeing it on TV…

Here is the link to the Prayer Machine story on the Space Channel as featured on “InnerSpace”.

If you have Dropbox, click here to view the episode.

James shows InnerSpace host, Teddy Wilson, how to make his own Prayer Machine and shares how they all got started.


From the Examiner online article April 26, 2016 written by Meagan Meehan…

Artist spotlight: James Paterson

Read the interview by Meagan Meehan with James here 




Comments made about the Prayer Machines…


“I am flushed with Delight!”

“Love your work”                                          “Unbelievably clever”

“Next year for sure!”

“Inspiring, mind-bending, revolutionary!”

“There’s so much WOW factor here”

“Beautiful.  I feel closer to God just reading your artist’s statement.”

                                                                                  “Looks like an old clock recreated through art.”


“They are like worship without words.”  Ivan