4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Jim,

    Love seeing your prayer machines!

    Wondering, on a smaller scale, whether you still sell your biblical prints as greeting cards? Could you direct me to an online source for those, if available.

    Glad to see such creativity continuing!

    Arlyn Friesen Epp
    CommonWord Bookstore and Resource Centre
    (formerly Mennonite Church Canada Resource Centre)


    1. Hi Arlyn, This is Lynn, Jim’s wife. So funny to hear from you today as we are at the location where all the cards are stored. We have the 5 x7 cards with Noah’s Ark, Jonah, Peter’s Vision and the Christmas one, “I Bring You Good News”. We also have all the prints, 12 in all and the book Jim did, “Jim’s Grandiose Big Bible Picture Book”. We’d be happy to send you a selection just let us know where. Our number is 905-827-5680. We now live in Meaford, Ontario. Cheers, Lynn


  2. Hi Jim and Lynn, Karen Cline here. I would like to see your twelve Bible prints as we may like to do something with one or more of them on the walls in our church. Can you direct me to a picture of them or could you send me the images to browse through??? Love you two lots.


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