Prayer Machines in Outer Space?

Written by guest writer, Lynn Paterson

Prayer Machines in Outer Space?  Well, not really. They haven’t flown out there yet. But James did have an opportunity to show his whimsical creations on the TV show, “InnerSpace” which airs on, what else, the Space Channel.

James was invited to participate in an interview with InnerSpace host, Teddy Wilson. The event took place at the Petroff Gallery where the Prayer Machines were being featured in the window during a two week period in July. Teddy asked probing questions about how the idea of these wire sculptures began, while Petroff rep Ellen Hlozan and I listened in from behind the partition. Eavesdropping, we were. But fascinating to hear how Teddy was able to draw out of James the “why” behind the wire pieces and explore his spiritual crisis that lead to the first twist of wire. Then James showed him the “how”.  It really is a miracle how in TV time, a masterpiece can be created in a matter of minutes, or seconds.

The whole shoot took about 3 hours and ran quite smoothly, and then it was a matter of waiting until the editor and producer told us when the segment would be airing on the Space Channel.  And as they say, “A good time was had by all!”

Thanks are in order to the Petroff Gallery for their gracious hosting of the event and to Michelle Melles, Senior Segment Producer for Space/CTV and Bell Media for arranging the proceedings.  And if you think of the internet and TV as this mysterious, magical method of sharing moving pictures that I do, then the Prayer machines really are now in Outer Space!

Lynn Paterson, Observer of art and mystery.