Bellevue Series

I’m looking back, seeing my child-remembered world, that magical place through the eyes of innocence and a simple sense of wonder. The shapes of things, their colors, their sounds and why they were there entranced me as I flew my bike along those streets, now paved, once cobbled. This is where I walked and climbed and explored as a first-time traveler, passing through places believing I could fly maybe never having to touch the ground again. There was a lot of sunshine then, a lot of light. The sounds of the city harmonious and soft.

Wall-mounted, from 48” x 48” and up. Price range: $6000.00 and up.

Wire Sculpture by James Paterson, Ontario, Canada
381. And There You Were And You Were Flying – A Prayer Machine SOLD and Installed at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Palo Alto, California


Wire Sculpture #160 by James Paterson, Ontario, Canada
160. There Is A Joy That Confounds And A Beauty That Embraces – A Prayer Machine 68 x 51 x 5.5 inches SOLD and Installed at The Peter Gilgan Centre For Research and Learning, Toronto, Canada                                                                                            
Wire Sculpture #213 by James Paterson, Ontario, Canada
213. When I Was Young I Could Fly – A Prayer Machine 51 x 36 x 5 Inches SOLD and installed at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio