James Paterson at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, July 2018James Paterson (b. 1957)


Born in Saskatchewan, Canada I grew up in the vibrant Kensington Market neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario, then moved to rural Simcoe for high school.  I received my BFA (hons.) from the University of Waterloo, and taught art at the elementary and high school level before leaving teaching to pursue art full time in 1989.


I like to approach my art with a simple sense of wonder, my intention being to express ideas that are redemptive, revelatory of the reality of God in the world thereby giving expression to mystery. To accomplish this I like to use materials in a simple way, often incorporating moving parts that viewers can play with.


 I make Prayer Machines. They are wire sculptures created from my imagination.   MCR Industries are just up the road from my studio and they do the powder coating for my big Prayer Machines. They are the best!



Visiting the old neighborhood in June 2017..

The stained glass windows of St. Stephen’s church at College St. and Bellevue Ave. fascinated me as a child…the colors, the light, the shapes…kept me from falling asleep while my father preached. The night the tower at the fire station caught on fire, my father woke me up to go and watch the flames eat up the structure. I always enjoyed walking to school from our home on Bellevue Ave…to have time to daydream without being scolded for it!



Scarecrow Invasion, Meaford 2016

Our town has some interesting characters and I count myself in that group.




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