Two Down, Two to Go…

It sure feels good to be back at work creating new Prayer Machines since putting the finishing touches on the last new one in mid-October and then being consumed by show preparations, travel, the shows themselves, follow-up and recovery. Lynn and I arrived home from Spectrum Miami last Wednesday night and I was happily back in the studio creating new work by noon on Thursday. By Saturday I had made good progress on three new pieces and finished up one I had been working on previously. I love the excitement of the shows but it sure feels good to be back in regular routine in a quiet and secluded place.

In brief, the Spectrum Miami art show was wonderful. Good crowds despite a last minute venue change, a great reception of my new work and our best sales so far. A few highlights were:

– a young girl wanted to start her own collection of original art and chose one of my pieces for that purpose, purchasing it with her own money. I was touched. Her parents were very encouraging as she asked questions and decided what she wanted.

– We sold our two biggest and most expensive pieces within half an hour of each other, one going to Taiwan, the other staying on in Miami.

– Each day of the show we had significant conversations with people who were wanting to share ideas, probe the meaning behind the Prayer Machines or delve into deeper Christian spiritual truth. I very much enjoyed sharing with these various individuals on a heart to heart level.

– Lynn and I both received a lot of positive feedback suggesting that the Prayer Machines are speaking to people in a way that goes beyond mere wall decoration and that the pieces are sparking thought, engaging the imagination and that, although the work appeals to them as being joyful and whimsical, they take it seriously as well.

So two down and two to go. Art San Diego and Spectrum Miami are done and now it’s The Artist Project in Toronto in February and artexpo NEW YORK in April that I am twisting wire for. I am excited to see the new work emerge as my vision for the Prayer Machines expands.

One thought on “Two Down, Two to Go…

  1. “Take delight in the Lord and he will give you your heart’s desire”….seems to me Jim has been doing a lot of ‘delighting in the Lord’ of late, as the desire of his heart is one of those ‘more than we can ask or imagine’ experiences. Rejoicing with you, Jim! Jesus says “My Father will honor the one who serves me” (John 12:26). Looks like this promise has your name on it. 🙂


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