Prayer Machines Between Shows


San Diego seemed like paradise! I loved the neighborhood we lived in, which kind of reminded me of the Kensington market area of Toronto where I grew up during the ‘60s. The low buildings, the laneways, the angle of the sun and the light in the morning when I went to buy Lynn her chocolate croissant from Pappalecco and the August feel of the air. And Balboa Park, where the art show was, transported me to another time with its old Spanish architecture and Palm trees. I loved it. I wanted to stay!

The art show we were at, Art SD 2015, was a fairly large art fair put on by Redwood Media Group who also own and host Spectrum Miami and the New York Art Expo that we have also participated in. These ‘art fairs’ are currently becoming a popular draw in the art world because they offer art lovers and the buying public a chance to see many artists and galleries at one time in one place; and for artists, like myself, they offer the opportunity to show my work with immediacy, meet and interact with many people directly, get prompt feedback and also have the opportunity to sell. We are currently doing four of these art fair shows a year (San Diego, Miami, Toronto and New York) our goals being:

  • To raise our public profile and establish a collector base for my art.
  • Meet and establish relationships with commercial galleries in the US and Canada who will represent me and sell my art.
  • Be able to earn an income from the sale of my art while continuing to build a good business practice that will extend long term.
  • Express myself effectively through the creation of art that is redemptive in aspect and affirming of a creator God in its approach.
  • And, along with Lynn, live creatively, according to God’s purpose for our lives while working together to achieve these goals.

Prior to and immediately after a show, Lynn does most of the heavy lifting with arranging the logistics that get us and the art work there as well as the follow-up afterwards. It’s a huge job, but since she has taken on the role of studio manager things have gone much better and much more efficiently. The level of “best business practice” has also gone way up thanks to the relationships with RMG show staff and staff at the galleries we are dealing with. This bodes well.

Well, Art SD 2015 in San Diego is done. It was our first time there and I’m happy with the results. It was a beautiful venue and a classy looking show. I felt we made our best presentation yet and we had a very positive reception. I won the Best International Exhibitor award, while Lynn established a relationship with a very good gallery in San Diego called Adelman Fine Art. And of course we sold some work, yes!

Next week we are off to Miami for Spectrum Miami, December 2-6. This will be our second year there and we hope to build on last year’s success. We want to exceed last year’s excellent sales with the new work we are bringing and pray that we will land a gallery deal for that region of the US, like Lynn did in San Diego. Spectrum itself is a bigger show than Art SD, plus there are approximately 18 other shows in mid-town Miami and Miami Beach the same week as part of Art Week Miami so it is a pretty energized time. It is the world’s largest art fair and it is electrifying with all the people that come in from around the globe and the hype and the dynamism.

So this week I’m writing you with five inches of snow outside my window while a week from now it will be sun, palm trees and art galore being mounted and primed. I hope you will follow on Facebook and Instagram once we get there and will ‘like’ my page so Lynn can reach her goal of 500 ‘likes’ by Christmas.

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