7 thoughts on “Art

  1. Hello J.D.,

    Manuela Stefan referred me to you. I am with Hot Works Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows. We have an event in West Bloomfield, Michigan, the 13th Annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show, July 25 & 26, voted as one of the top art shows in the country the last 8 yeas in a row. Manuela suggested that you are an excellent sculpture artist who might be interested in the art fair. He is correct, your work is very original. I would be happy to include you on our artist email list, or feel free to apply via Zapplication.org. The application deadline is March 15.

    Thank you, and with kind regards,

    Patty Narozny
    Show Director
    Orchard Lake Fine Art Show


  2. hello,

    I loved the work…

    I am a ceramic sculptor from Mumbai, India. I am in the SCULPTURE SPACE of (SOLO) section of ART EXPO NY 2015.
    here is a link to my work.

    also visit my website at http://www.artneelkanti.com

    I will be in NY from 18th Apr. 2015 till 27th Apr.2015. following this I am also participating in an art fair happening in Seoul, Korea in WORLD TRADE CENTRE, namely ‘ ASIAMANIA’

    I look forward to meeting you in NY ART EXPO.
    Do keep in touch & let us exchange the developments till then.

    Thanking you,

    With warmth,
    Neelkanti Patekar
    Cell : +919821871781


    1. Thanks. Where did you purchase it? I’d be interested in seeing a photo and then I could be sure.
      At the present, I am creating what I call “Prayer Machines”. They can be seen on my facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/jamespatersonart
      A little different than colorful prints. But elements of my style in both.
      If you are interested I can add your name to our email list letting you know when we will be showing the Prayer Machines again.
      I was recently in New York with a show called “Artexpo NY”. Lots of good response to the work.
      Cheers, James


    1. Thanks for getting in touch. I am working in and out of the studio this week. After 7 p.m. would work today or tomorrow. (wed. or Thursday)
      Or call during the day and speak to my wife as she is now the studio manager and keeper of all knowledge with regards to Prayer Machines.


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